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New, Oak framed home on the way

Posted on May 15, 2015

New home, new opportunities...

A young family nearby us here in Herefordshire have started work on their new Oak-framed home this past week with footings going in at the moment of typing this bulletin.


Gavin & Jenny have, in conjunction with us at Heritage Oak Frames, designed a dream family home  to be built on their beautiful plot in rural Herefordshire. The design will incorporate a complete, bespoke, post-and-beam style oak frame, Heritage Oak Frames' highly insulated HOF encapsulation system (external walls and roof) and face-applied glazing along with stunning oak joinery to create a home worthy of such a lovely family.

The building of this new home is not just set to benefit their family, however, as it gives rise to an opportunity for anyone wishing to live in such a spectacular place in the world - the opportunity to buy their current family home. Situated in Richard's Castle in Herefordshire, it is a substantial property with excellent gardens, incredible views and fantastic amenities and will surely be snapped up. If you're interested take a peek at the particulars below.

House Brochure LUD140216.pdf

Oak Frame House Footings 3.jpg


Oak Frame House Footings 1.jpg

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